Sunday, 13 February 2011


I haven’t been here in a while. In fact, I have been completely off blogspot. Then why is my profile view count so much more than I can remember? It’s not like a lot of people read this :/

Anyway, I can’t afford to sink into a phase of self pity – especially since I’m already feeling so down. I applied to Microsoft UK for an 11-month placement at the end of my second year of university. It sounds like I’m reaching too far, but I actually got through to the final stage, and I was down in London for my interviews.

Man, were they horrible.

It started out quite alright – I had this group exercise which wasn’t too nerve-wrecking. But then it was on to an interview. I’d already had a telephone interview and passed that one – what more could they have to ask me? Unfortunately my assessor was just too mean. He hardly wrote down anything I said, and then made up his own questions at the end of the interview – awfully hard technical questions to which my response were just “Whaaa…?!”

Let me give you an insight to my competition. There was a guy who was doing a double degree – one from University of Oxford and one from University of Manchester. I mean to say, what!? Luckily the rest were human like me, and were just enrolled with one degree at one university.

Then I had to give a presentation, which was surprisingly not as bad as I expected. We were given a mere 30 minutes to prepare a 10-minute presentation, and there I was, sitting nervously, trying to rack my brains and think of something to say, but to my astonishment, those 10 minutes passed so quickly that I was done with the whole thing before I had time to breathe.

My final interview was horrible as well, by the end my assessor seemed to get bored and started staring at the clock, waiting for the 35 minutes to pass. What am I supposed to make of that? Beats me. Maybe they shouldn’t have three interviews per person. Yea, I blame them.

So, my chances of getting through? I would say less than 20%. Was I bad? Not at all. But I wasn’t good either.  Definitely not as good as Mr. Oxchester anyway.



  1. Double degree from Oxford and Manchester?! Goodness me, what competition! Hope you get through, all the best! :)

  2. Thank you for the wishes guys, but I got a call and I didn't get in :(

  3. on't worry about not getting in, the important thing is that you got to the final stage, that itself is a huge accomplishment. Most of all you gained invaluable experience in the whole process, and you can use that for situations like this one in the future, although I am sure you will not need to use it a lot! :

  4. You sound like my father! Haha, thanks for making me feel a tad better..lets see how it goes!

  5. Wow, can definitely relate to your entry here.

    1st point of relation: avoiding my blog. I haven't been on here for a while! School has gotten more intense, affecting my recreational time here in the blog-o-sphere

    2nd point of relation: the fact that, even though we feel "bad" for avoiding our blog, we know that not many people will read it. *sighs* haha! I suppose it's a funny thing too. heh!

    3rd point of relation: Phase of self-pity and Mr. Oxchester. I feel like I'm ambitious, but as much as I feel that I am, there is always someone there to flaunt things over you, like a double degree or other superhuman things. gah. *sighs* I correlate this to my current application process to post graduate schools. It sucks to feel impotent. But we mustn't give up, MRI! okay!?

    woah. yea. This was a long comment. sorry for it. :/ heh.

  6. Agree with your first two points there. Its ironic isnt it? LOL.

    Hell yes, you captured my emotions exactly. its ridiculous how...low he made me feel, and not just me, everyone else was quite intimidated as well. I dont know if thats what he wanted, but he sure as hell got it. I'm sure he got through, well good for him.

    Yea we mustnt give up! If I give up now what on earth am I going to do when I have to start writing the GMAT and start applying for my masters?!


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