Monday, 4 October 2010

First Impressions of England

Its been two weeks since I even visited my blog. I knew when I began this, that over time it’ll be hard to keep this up, but I had no idea that I would even be able to get some time to peep in. But that’s just how hectic its has been.

So I’m in England finally, it’s great to actually be here instead of just waiting and waiting for it to happen all summer. So I thought I’ll use my blog as a travelogue, and write about the places I visit and the impressions I had of them. To start off, here are my thoughts of England on my very first day.  

My first impression? COLD. I step out of Heathrow and this blast of icy air greets me, instantly making me rack my brains to remember where I’d kept a spare sweater. In most countries, airports and airplanes are generally colder than the outside surrounding temperature. Let me tell you, that’s not the case in England. My teeth begin to chatter at once, and everyone around me exclaims in their own language pretty much what I just described.  

My second impression? GREEN. The drive from London to Nottingham took just over two hours, but I didn’t see anything on the way except huge green grasslands, tall and grown green trees, green bushes, and green plants of all shapes and sizes. There was absolutely no other view. No buildings, no people, nothing. The only living creatures I saw apart from the ones in cars on the road with us were cows and bulls grazing calmly on the grasslands at either side of us.

My third impression? LUXURIOUS. Once the scenery got boring (which was within about three minutes of our travel if I’m not mistaken), I began to check out other vehicles on the motorway. And MAN! All I saw were Audis. I’m not even kidding a little bit. All kinds of Audis littered the motorway, from old, paint-peeling silver Ausid to new, shiny black ones with windows rolled down and music on full blast. Plenty of Mercs zoomed past us as well; Audis and Mercs made up most of the traffic, with a small percentage of Toyotas, which were taxis. I saw one Honda, and maybe one Ford. That’s it.


But I love it here. And I can’t wait to start exploring. And, in the future, get myself a brand new Audi. 


  1. that Audi looks AMAZING.

  2. youll see a lot more ford around notts though..

  3. I know right, it's beautiful.

    Yes, I've noticed. So I'm guessing you're from around here then.

  4. I am totally with you about the whole audis and BMW's flooding the motorways, i swear i envy the people driving those, its like i am out of breath because i have to walk a zillion miles to get back to my room from my class and then all of a sudden i see this convertable black audi just racing by is unfair!

  5. i know right, and where's the offer of a ride?

  6. get a bike to avoid the long walks. believe me, its much faster than walking and it gives u exercise without having to tire you out too much. only thing is that most campuses arent flat - i bet it's pretty hilly there?

  7. you bet right :/
    and yea, im exhausted every night, it's ridiculous just how much we walk on average!

  8. I'm glad you're enjoying England! I remember that it was also hard for me to get on my blog from time to time while I was in Spain, but try and write as much as you can! It's awesome to go back to your entries and remember the exact emotions you felt while you were over there.
    Oh, and one more thing, DEFINITELY GET AN AUDI!! :)

  9. You know, if I didn't get a notification that you'd commented, I doubt I would've come to this site. I haven't visited since I posted this!

    You've reminded me that I so need to get my blog back on track. And you're right, its so much fun to re-read old entries and go through all those emotions again.

    Hell yes, I want an Audi! Perhaps one day...


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