Sunday, 25 September 2011

Manhattan GMAT Practice CAT 1

I've been terribly ill since yesterday, having a horrible cough and full body cramps. It sucks. I spent almost the whole day yesterday in bed, hugging my hot water bottle for dear life.

This morning, I felt fresh after 12 hours of sleep, and sat down (with my hot water bottle!) to take another GMAT practice test. For those who don't remember, my last two tests scores were as follows:

GMATPrep 1 (before starting my prep): 600 (Q42,V27).
VeritasPrep Free Practice Test 1: 620 (Q45,V31).

And today, I took Manhattan GMAT Practice CAT 1: 690 (Q47,V37).

So although 690 is well below my target score, I was mighty pleased with my result. I was steadily improving, in fact, my verbal score has drastically improved in the last 2-3 months, and I'm thrilled about that. While not much should be made about scores from companies apart from GMAC, I'm going to take it as a sign that I'm definitely getting better and better, as I try to crack that 700-score barrier.

One thing I really like about Manhattan GMAT's practice test is the review they provide at the end of the test. From what I briefly saw for each question, they not only provide you with the question type, the topic focus, and the time taken to solve it, but also the difficulty level and the estimated percentage of students who have answered the question correctly. I think this is a great tool to gauge your level - all my mistakes were in questions with a difficulty level of 700 to 800, thereby showing just why I scored a 690.

Exactly 2 weeks left till the big day.


  1. nice improvement! all the best for the test

  2. When did you take the Veritas test? What did you think of it? I took the test a couple of days ago and scored a 630. My previous test scores have never been below 720, and I'm shocked beyond words. I just want to know if you felt the same way or whether you expected a 620?

    - Mandy

  3. Oh, forgot to add, hope you're feeling better:)

    - Mandy

  4. Hi Ankit, thanks a lot :)

    Hello Mandy,

    I took the test around a week and a half ago I think. I was quite gutted to be honest, since it showed a mere 20 point improvement after 2 months of prep. A lot of people are of the same impression; while math was undoubtedly much easier than what you'd get on the real GMAT, the verbal was a lot harder.
    So don't worry, its not just you!

  5. Good luck with your test in couple of days.
    Waiting for your debreif.

  6. I only wish you the best of luck on your test, MRI!!!! :)

  7. Actually, by now you have already taken your exam. lol! I'm sure you did great!

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  10. Well We definitely loved learning this, thanks

  11. Natalie: Thanks, yea I've done it. It wasn't a great score for all the top schools, but it's good enough to show I'm fully capable of taking on the rigorous workload. So it all turned out well, thanks for all the good wishes! :)

    Pharmacy One: Thank you, hope your GMAT prep is going well!

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