Thursday, 6 January 2011

My Travelogue

I think my blog should be a little more than the whole pen-down-your-thoughts-as-you-think-them scene; spontaneity isn’t always my thing. So I thought I’ll use this space as a travelogue. Hopefully in my one year in England I shall do a lot of travelling, and I’ll post my views here. With some lovely pictures too.

Sounds good?

Coming up: Cardiff!


  1. Probably wont be 'coming up' until exams finish huh.

  2. Sounds GREAT!
    Heh. Spontaneity is definitely my thing! haha! But everyone has their thing! but definitely use this space to write as much about your adventures in England! :D

  3. I give up on the travelogue idea! I started writing about Cardiff, then realised my writing was so tripadvisor-like that it was just cramping my style. So I've dropped that idea, sorry!

  4. no need to be sorry!
    I am LOVING the picture idea! keep on posting, fellow blogger!!! :)


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