Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The unforgettable beauty that is Wales

Since I'm not doing that travelogue thing, why don't I just put up some random pictures from my trips? The following are from Wales - Cardiff, Bangor, and Llanberris, which is the home of the wonderful Snowdonia National Park.


Cardiff Castle

Bangor View

Snowdonia! It's breathtaking-ly gorgeous.

Next time, Liverpool.


  1. that looks absolutely breathtaking! im so jealous, hope u had a lovely time!

  2. lol, why no travelogue? got no time is it?

  3. What amazing photos! Wales looks gorgeous, I must make it a point to visit! I've lived in Southampton practically all my life, and haven't been to Wales!

  4. Thanks guys! Yes it is an absolute beauty, I definitely recommend a visit, especially if you live in Southampton Jane!

    Well you're right, I don't have the time to write up a proper travel diary, but hey, a picture is worth a thousand words right? :)

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! :) Is that you laying on the grass on one of the pictures, by the way? heh! love!

    and I totally agree!! Despite my love for words, a picture can definitely be worth a thousand of them!

  6. Isnt it? Hah, yes thats me. I've somehow always wanted to do that lol.


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