Saturday, 19 February 2011

Boy spends Christmas with his dead mother

I came across this God-awful piece of news as I was researching for a presentation topic. A three-year old boy spent the days around Christmas next to the dead body of his mother, whom he believed to be asleep and would wake up any minute.  

Here's a snippet:

"A three-year-old boy is believed to have spent  days over Christmas sitting alone by the dead body of his ‘sleeping’ mother in the hope that she might "wake up".

At one point, his grandfather telephoned but the young child calmly told him 'mummy’s asleep’.

Work colleagues in the nearby town of Lens presumed the single mother was off ill and unable to call in. Instead an aneurysm, or weak bulge in an artery wall, had ruptured close to her brain, causing the office worker to die suddenly."

Read the whole article here.

It's absolutely heart-breaking. There seems to be no father, and no one else in the home. I just hope this poor kid has some place nice to stay, and wont have any more traumatic experiences like this ever again. 

And people ask me why I never read the news. Why on earth would I want to know something like this?


  1. oh my God!
    What a sad story. wow. Who would think, right?
    Yes, I sure hope this little boy will be in good hands as well. Unfortunately the traumatic effects seem to be inevitable. :(

  2. Such things are absolutely ridiculous. the bright side is that these are just freak cases and are hence not too common, thank God. I only hope this kid ends up growing up healthy and happy and not traumatised.


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