Monday, 11 July 2011

GMAT Update: Week 3 - MGMAT Sentence Correction

I started off my third week of prep by practicing the aspects of verbal that I’d already learnt. I did around 10-15 questions for RC and CR. But I found it really hard to try and use the strategies I’d read – not because the strategies weren’t good, but because once I saw a question, I just couldn’t remember what I’d learnt about approaching such problems, and went back to my old way of answering questions.

I got most of my RC questions correct, the ones from the Veritas book. In fact, I think I only made one mistake. But with CR, I made quite a few. That was a huge setback for me, and I realized I needed to go over my notes again and again to get those strategies fixed in my head. I will now start going through my notes for both RC and CR once a week (maybe more often, if I find once a week is not working either).

I then began MGMAT’s Sentence Correction Guide. At this point, I’ve gotta say, I randomly flipped through the book and had a slight panic attack when I saw just how much information was included in the book. I took a deep breath, and started reading. After going through just the first page, I realized that this was a fantastic book, a SC bible really. Not only that, but I also think it’s an excellent grammar book, teaching you all the rules of standard written English, with correct and incorrect examples included for better understanding of the grammar concepts.

At the end of the week, I’ve managed to go through about half of the book. I’m not a native English speaker, but living abroad has definitely helped me with my English, so I feel I’m at an advantage compared to a lot of non-native speakers. I didn’t find the book to be very difficult, but it did have a lot of information. I made notes as I went along, for all the little bits I didn’t know. I already have more slides for SC than I do for RC or CR, and I’m only halfway through!

I don’t know how much I’ll be able to do next week, given that I’m finally moving to Berlin, and I haven’t even started packing. It’s gonna be a busy week for sure.


  1. Germany, that's amazing! Have fun, and don't forget your GMAT rofl.


  2. Looks like you have forgotten!

  3. Yes I did unfortunately, but I'm back into it =]

  4. You're moving to Berlin!?!?! How exciting is that!!!!! :D
    It amazes me that you are not a native English speaker because every time I read your blog, I do not get that impression at all!. Writing wise, YOU HAVE IT DOWN TO THE DOT! I mean that! ;)
    Keep the great studying going!! :)

  5. Heyy yes its definitely exciting! I hated the packing and everything, but the thought of living in another country is keeping me going haha.

    Thank you! That's really sweet =] but yea, it's not easy for me to write more formal English, I suppose for blogs my English is fine, but when it comes to more important pieces of work it's definitely not that easy :)

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