Sunday, 26 June 2011

Saying Goodbye..

Saying goodbye is never easy. It’s a definitive; it’s like acknowledging the sad truth that you may never see these people again. It’s different with members of your family though, you know you will meet them somewhere down the line, so you know that the goodbye is purely short term. But your friends, well there is no guarantee, especially when you all meet abroad in a foreign country, and then have to leave to go back to your own.

Being in the UK on an exchange program no doubt has its benefits; I for one, am extremely glad I took the opportunity to study outside Asia for a year, and I truly believe that this has affected me for the better. I have absolutely no regrets, and I’ve settled in so well here that except for one time in April when my grandfather passed away, I have never felt homesick, lonely or miserable, like so many international students do. And the credit goes to all the lovely people I’ve met here in Nottingham.

Out of all the people I’ve met, out of all the students whose company I’ve enjoyed this past one year, two people stand out the most. An intelligent, studious and modest girl from Sri Lanka, who also happens to be the best cook I know out of anyone our age, and a highly enthusiastic, entertaining and cheeky young man from Egypt, with a laugh so contagious that it’s impossible not to like him.

I can’t pinpoint a reason as to why we became so close. Perhaps because they were a direct entry this year, and hence we were all ‘new’ to the University.  Perhaps because they had also never been to the UK before, and were therefore ideal travelling companions. Or perhaps because, cheesiness aside, it was meant to be.

They have another year here, but I don’t. We had a lovely time on our last night together, with some delicious dinner, lots of chit-chatting, lots of Cluedo (they loved this game!), and a lot of laughs mingled here and there with a tinge of sadness.

My friend and I (okay so it was my friend’s idea, but I was involved too!) prepared the following video, as a sort of parting gift. Our only mistake was perhaps playing it a little early into the night, as it started off a little nostalgia that couldn’t be stopped. Here is it:

Plans were made of us meeting up next year. I don’t expect them to actually take place; as students, we don’t have unlimited budgets, especially with all the Zara shopping we do! But if not next year, I’m confident we’ll definitely see each other again – did I mention she will be married in the next couple of years?! A grand event to celebrate, not just her wedding, but our reunion as well.

Love you both so much! 


  1. Nice post there. Just so everyone here knows I am the other friend who co-planned to make the video with MRI.

    Yes, saying goodbye to friends like this is truly very hard and I hope to see them at least a couple times more because they are amazing people to be around with. I'm sure all the readers here know what we are talking about, i'm sure everyone has some friends in front of whom you can truly be yourself without having the fear of being judged or labelled as an 'idiot'.

  2. Haha, yes thank you Ali for the video ;)

    I'm sure we will :) She's getting married isnt she? Definitely a reason to go to Sri Lanka :)

  3. :(:( I'm the cheeky young man from Egypt.. first of all am really proud to be mentioned in that blog as a friend of u guys and also I say it always without three of u I don't know how would this year pass ! One of the benefits of travelling to UK is meeting you and having a very lovely year with you guys,,

    Ali : ur comment is so true as it's really hard to meet people that u can be ur self not dealing with idiot stuff not to be judged,

    Dili : I still have one year with you to eat more and more :P

    Mri : will always remember "DUde i love my food"

    And last of all " we all went home,, and hope we meet again :'( ""

  4. Aww Hesham :)

    I'm glad you liked it. And yes, I will remember that too haha. Where was it, Nandos in London? Can't remember..

  5. AWW, this is really sweet!!! love the vid!!!

  6. Thank you :) or maybe my friend should say that haha

  7. Aww! What a sweet sweet entry! :) I am so glad that your time abroad was an enriching one! :) It feels great, doesn't it!? I too shared a really sad moment with my friends when I left Spain, and I only stayed there a semester! I can only imagine how you must've felt!

  8. Yea it's awful isn't it? And no matter how much technology keeps on improving, its really not the same as being around each other all the time. I'm definitely gonna miss that :(


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